Monday, 31 March 2008

banjo or borat

A couple of songs I recorded with JB aka Borat during a day off in Paris. Actually i din't play anything. I recorded/mixed and did some editing plus added a couple of samples but JB played EVERYTHING you hear. IT'S DOPE!


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

bedroom/away EP

ok i've been recording some new stuff. nothing special i'd say but in this ep there's the stupiedest song i've ever written. no doubt. it's called 'i looked at myself once more in the morning before i left'. it's a song about leaving my place. actually the lyrics and even the voice melody are quite depressing but the music is just so, i don't know, stupid!? i wanted to record something i could dance to so now i can dance. that's it. i really hope you like it.

01 - Banjo Or Freakout - 17
02 - Banjo Or Freakout - i will not kill you now.mp3
03 - Banjo Or Freakout - i looked at myself once more in the morning before i left.mp3

Thursday, 13 March 2008

banjo vs battles/ banjo vs feist

i think these are the last covers i'll post for a while.
i had lots of fun again recording these two tracks.
battles are an amazing band. they are so good they make me want to stop playing any kind of instrument. atlas was basically the song of the year last year or something like that.
feist is amazing too. completely different stuff but still great. the reminder was a great album.
i'll post new banjo music soon. i've been practing with a new software recording all these covers. i think i'm ready to start recording banjo stuff again.

record labels suck dick. i just wanted to say that.

- Banjo Or Freakout - Atlas (battles cover)
- Banjo Or Freakout - So Sorry (feist cover)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I know I should forget, but I can't

Now I really don't know why I'm covering a Kate Nash song so don't think about it too much. I think I've heard this song pretty much everywhere in the Uk since the single came out. It's a damn good song. The lyrics are sweet. It's teenager stuff! I mean, the chorus really works. I totally changed the structure and used just a few lines of the original lyrics.
Like always I couldn't stop adding reverbs and delays... Sorry.


Monday, 10 March 2008

I Died A Hundred Times

Ok, Back To Black by Amy Winehouse.
This song is simply amazing.
I really don't care who she's buying drugs from and I think her last record was great.
So, yeah, I hope you'll enjoy my version!

Banjo Or Freakout - Back To Black (Amy Winehouse Cover)