Wednesday, 18 June 2008

5 old songs EP

went to see high places/deerhunter/liars at koko last night. it was really good.
i really liked high places they have some amazing sounds. i love the percussion layers they make.
deerhunter were cool and loud, very 'please-turn-that-GUUUUIIIITTTTAAAARRRSSS-down-a-little-bit-please' but poppier than before. i liked them but didn't go as mental as i thought i would had gone.
liars were incredible as always. even more this time.

so, since i was at the show i missed this: ... HOW COOL!

here's a new ep of 5 REALLY OLD SONGS i never posted online. it's ok, nothing special. i wrote 'the city we had' last summer when i was totally into the beach boys. 'is that all' is my love song #20457, 'what to do' was fun because i used a million effects on the drums, 'bear' is basically me getting bored at my parents place last christmas, 'zurich02' is me trying to learn how to use garage band. so, yeah... but please remember... the stuff i upload on this blog is most of the times just fun... the real shit is on my myspace. :-)

Banjo Or Freakout - 5 Old Songs EP