Friday, 23 January 2009

mr no way

there's a mixtape with my all time favs HERE.

i was checking my old HD and just found this video of me playing mr no in my old bedroom in torino early in the morning (you can tell from my voice).

mixing my new record right now. i'm so excited!

banjo interview here. also check
www. differentclassradio. co. uk ... they play some good music and my stuff! :-)

both XL and Wichita tip banjo for 2009 on drowned in sound. hypeing myself makes me feel like i make sense.

so that you know:
- the covers CD is SOLD OUT!!
- the single IS NOT. i think no pain in pop has some copies left. you can order it from their website WWW.NOPAININPOP.COM
i've realized lots of my friends have been downloading my 7".
outrageous. goddammit. buy it! :-)